Electrical Work – Contracting

S.No. Contractor / Consultant Work scope Start/ Completion Year
1 Brayan Electromechanical LLC Supply, Installation, Testing & Approval works 2015
2 Saif Bin Darwish Installation, Supervision, Testing & Commissioning of Equipments & Cables in 22kV Substations. 2015
3 CATALYST Viva Das Gen. Contracting HV Cable Supply, Installation and Testing & commissioning works. 2015
4 Al Masaood Bergum Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of HV System with external Electrical works 2015
5 PAL Technology Services L.L.C. Design, Engineering, Approvals, Procurement, Installation, Termination, Testing, Commissioning & Energization of 11kV Power Cables from Existing ADDC Substation to District Cooling Plant, Saraya Development, Corniche. 2015
6 Dodsal Electrical Works as per ADDC Requirements (includes Installation & Testing of HV & LV cables) 2015
7 Drake & Scull Installation of HV 3C x 300sqmm & 3C x 120sqmm Cables & Termination Works 2015
8 Al Muhanad Electromechanical Works LLC Supply, Installation & Testing of 22kV 3C x 300sq.mm. Cable 2015
9 SCECo (Steel Construction Engineering Co. L.L.C.) Installation & Termination of MV Cables (3C x 120sqmm & 3C x 240sqmm) 2015
10 Dhafir Group for General Trading 1. Supervision of I,T, & C of Dry type transformer 2. S & I of control cables 3. Short circuit current calculation & system study 2015
11 OHIO General Contracting LLC. 1. S, I, T & C of Package unit  2. S & I of normal Termination & Joint kits   3. Testing of HV cables 2015
12 Saipem S.p.A. ADDC LV Submission 2015
13  Borouge Abu Dhabi Polymers Company Ltd.  Call on service for cable fault detection, jointing, termination & testing 2015
14 Ocean Power Electrical Works L.L.C. Supply, Installation, Supply & RSC services 2015
15 BAM International Abu Dhabi LLC  Supply & Installation of 3C x 25sqmm Earth Bar & accessories 2015
16 Al Hassan Switchgear Mfg. Co. LLC Self powered ASHIDA relay 2015
17 Danway
  1. Testing & commissioning of TRM
  2. Installation of TRM
  3. Relay setting calculation
18 ARABEL Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of : HV panel, RTU/DMS, DC systems, 1500KVA Dry type transformer, and 11KV 3C 120sq.mm HV cables 2014
19 ASCON Initial work order value ref no. A217/108 dated 25.06.2014.

  • 1. Additional item: Supply and Installation of cable cover tiles as per COMPANY APPROVAL. MAR doc. No: NP10‐0779‐20MAR‐0337 Rev.Bl dated 20.07.2014
  • 2014
    20 ASCON Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Electrical Equipments and including all necessary approved accessories as per MAR ref no: NP10‐0779‐13‐MAR‐0013, PM10‐ASCN‐PM‐TRN‐03923, DGS 1630 022 and to the approval of the COMPANY/ASCON 2014
    21 Bin Ghalib Engineering Numerical self‐powered protection relay (ADR241S‐AM521) with 230 VAC Auxiliary Input Supply, with External Battery Pack, Communication Cable, CT Secondary # 1 Amps, PART no‐AM‐521‐01‐04‐27‐01‐00‐02 Numerical Self Powered Protection 2014
    22 Combined Group Contracting Company (K.S.C.C)
    1. Installation of Extension Panels, type: Nxplus C, 11KV, 2000A, 25KA, for 1 sec, Siemens make with Power Meter
    2. (Optinal) Testing and Commissioning of Extension Panels, type: Nxplus C, 11KV, 2000A, 25KA, for 1 sec, Siemens make with Power Meter
    23 FG Wilson Engineering ADR241S Relay 2014
    24 OHIO General Contracting LLC
    1. Supply, Installation, testing & commissioning of one (1) end‐user approved 1500kVA package unit as per ADWEA specifications
    2. Supply & installation of two (2) 11kV normal termination and (2) joint kits
    3. Testing of two (2) high voltage cables
    4. ADDC Coordination
    25 SPX Middle East FZE APV‐1901‐0001 32.00 H 312.50/ H 10,000.00 Automation Engineer Visit Al Rawabi SiteTracking Number: 1014243Production order 1014243 2014
    26 Steel Construction Engineering Co. LLC.
    1. Installation of 11kV, 3C x 240sq.mm heat shrinkable cable termination inside the switching station side without supply of glands
    2. Testing of 11kV MV cable
    27 TECSOL Electrical Installations & Maintenance
    1. 415V, LV MDB with all meters
    2. Capacitor Bank
    28 ASCON Additional Item:

    1. Supply & installation of stainless steel (SS
      316) Cable Tag 110mm x 15mm as per COMPANY APPROVAL
    2. Supply & installation of Cable Tie suitable for 240 sq.mm. Cable or 3" size as per COMPANY APPROVAL
    3. Embossing/Engraving of Letters/Numbers on the Cable Tag as per COMPANY APPROVAL
    29 ASCON Installation of cable as per the specification and drawings as per the approval/satisfaction of the COMPANY 2014
    30 ASCON
    1. Disconnection of the power supply from ADDC to 1500kVA Transformer & QRM
    2. Liaison work including obtaining work permit & work order
    3. Disconnect main cable ends
    4. Coordination with Western region ADDC
    31 Bridgeway Electromechanical LLC Busbars installation works ‐ Substation 1,2,3&4 (4 locations) 2014
    32 BK Gulf LLC. Installation of cable terminations 2014
    33 BK Gulf LLC. LV cables Glanding & Termination 2014
    34 BK Gulf LLC.
    1. Cable Termination of 3Cx120sq.mm at site with material
    2. Cable Termination of 1Cx630sq.mm at site with material
    3. VLF testing of cables with test equipment
    4. cTesting of LV panel with equipment
    5. ADDC Liaison works
    35 Power Transmission Gulf Installation of additional electrical works at LV room, Generator room, 11kV MV switch room, Transformer room, Load Bank room, & A3 Block new LV room 2014
    36 International Electro‐Mechanical Services Co. LLC.
    • Cable termination
    • Supply & installation of 11kV cable joints
    37 Halla Corporation
    1. Supply, Install and Testing of High Voltage works
    2. Operation & Maintenance works of 1 No MV/SS1 TRM limites to transformer dry type 1000kVA
    38 National Petroleum Construction Co.
    1. Installation of 11kV heat shrinkable terminations 3Cx240sq.mm cable
    2. Installation of 11kV Plug‐in termination 3Cx240sq.mm cable
    3. Shut down permit by ADDC approved competent engineer.
    39 Two Fold Electrical & Mechanical Contracting Co. Supply of ADDC approved 4 Feeder QRM Incoming Isolator & 2 Outgoing Isolator (Not transformer) 2014
    40 Falcor Engineering & Contracting Services Numerical self‐powered protection relay‐ ASHIDA Make‐Draw out type, Model: ADR 241S_DO 2014
    41 Halla Corporation Supply & installation of all HV contract works as per Main Contract Documents excluding ADDC works 2014
    42 Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan Eng. Direct Cable Pulling work 2014
    43 Abu Dhabi Distribution Company Sub‐contract works for the supply of 4F, QRM amd 11kV Cable 2014
    44 Power Logic
    1. Installation, supervision & getting approval from ADDC
    2. Power system MV documents to be stamped & providing assistance for getting approval from ADDC
    3. Low Voltage Documents
    4. Site testing & commissioning of MV & LV power equipment including making procedure & test form
    45 Extreme Power Electromechanical Contracting LLC. 11kV/400V substation equipment & associated HV & LV works 2014
    46 Bin Ham Electro Mechanical Ent. Co. LLC. Rental of following cable laying equipment on monthly basis:

    • – 10 ton cable trailer
    • – 5 ton cable with pulling rope
    • – Straight roller
    • – Corner roller
    47 Jazal Engineering Contracting LLC. Replacement of LV Panel Breaker & ADDC Liaison Works 2014
    48 METITO
    1. Cables
    2. Supply & installation of 11kV heat shrinkable termination of 3Cx120sq.mm cable
    3. Supply & installation of 11kV 3Cx120sq.mm straight joint
    4. Testing & commissioning of TRM (2F+1T)
    5. Testing & commissioning of 500kVA TRF
    6. HV testing of 11kV MV cable
    49 Direct Source Engineering ADDC Liaison work, Follow up with ADDC engineer, Work order, Undertaking letter and Shut down permit, Competency 2014
    50 Al Shalila Beach Transport & General Contracting Est. Furnish all labour & qualified engineer, materials, tools, equipment and services necessary for performance of work: HV equipment for 11kV substations inclusive of TRM, transformer, HV panels, FOC, & terminal boxes for future RTU, MV cables, etc as per approved shop drawing & attached BOQ 2014
    51 Al Shalila Beach Transport & General Contracting Est. Furnish qualified engineer, to verify and supervise engineering & execution of the following LV electrical works:

    • a) Power supply from LV panels to future buildings
    • b) Internal power & lighting for buildings
    • c) Power supply for street lighting
    • d)Power supply for CCTV, ACCESS CONTROL, & fire alarm system
    • e) Power supply for pumps (water & fire)
    52 Al Shalila Beach Transport & General Contracting Est.
    1. Substation electrical works
    2. Street lighting works
    3. Supervision & engineering support for LV works
    53 James L Williams Middle East Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services Installation, testing, commissioning & handing over of MV installation works 2014
    54 SAIFCO Supply & Installation of 1C X 630 SQ.MM armoured cable as per approved by ADDC with glands, lugs, cable termination, testing and commissioning of LV Cables, ADDC inspection arrangement, Supply of competent Engineer for the coordination with ADDC for permissions, documentation and other related to ADDC procedures, final approval from ADDC & handing over to ADDC 2013
    55 National Projects & Construction Supply & Installation of 3CX120 SQMM Heat Shrinkable Termination. Testing of Transformer. Testing of HV Cable 2013
    56 GECO Supply & Installation of 11kV Cable ‐ LS 2013
    57 ADDC Relay, protection, over current & earth fault, range 0.1 to 40 x rated current, 1‐rtg a, indn magnetic flag 2013
    58 POWELL PN 109738‐3 Phase Secondary Injection Set (Current & Voltage)‐OMICRON‐CMC 356‐1 NO. PN 109738 ‐ Delivery & Take back of equipment from & to site ‐ 4 Nos PN 109738‐High Voltage Pot Tester (up to 20kV AC) ‐ 1 No. PN 109738‐ Primary Injection Set (up to 1000A) ‐ ODEN MEGGER ‐ 1 No. PN 109738‐ Operator for one day to make initial set up the test kits ‐ 1 No. PN 109738‐Single 2013
    59 IMDAAD Supply & Installation of 4C X 240 SQ.MM LV Cable Terminations ‐ 4 Nos. Supply & Installation of cable tiles & warning tapes ‐150 Mtrs. Supply & Installation of 300A Breaker ‐ 2 Nos. Supply & Installation of 300A Breaker ‐ 2 Nos. Excavation Back filling Works ‐ 150 Mtrs. Removal & Reinstatement of Interlock tiles ‐ 150 Mtrs. Supply & Installation of 4C X 240 SQ.MM LV Cable ‐ 300 Mtrs. 2013
    60 Mabani Delma Shifting of existing electrical cable, 20mm dia with all the civil works ‐ 75mtrs. Supply and Installation of 20 mm Cable Joints ‐ 2 Nos. 2013
    61 Mabani Delma SUBMISSION OF MS and coordination with ADDC for approval and all the coordination with concern authorities during relocation 2013
    62 Lindenberg‐Emirates ADDC Liaison Work ‐ LDN Approval & related works, scope of work includes: LDN Approval, Cable Termination case, Follow up with ADDC, ADDC Shutdown, necessary document preparation and submission to authorities and final energization. 2013
    63 MCM Group LLC
  • ADDC Liaison Work ( Undertaking Letter, Shutdown, Competency) & Coordination with all necessary local authorities
  • 2013
    64 Ras Al Wadi Contracting Installation of 11kV Heat Shrinkable Cable Joint with Approved ADDC Jointer 2013
    65 MCM Group LLC Supply and Installation of 11kV Cable & Accessories

    • ADDC Liaison Work ( Undertaking Letter, Shutdown, Competency) & Coordination with all necessary local authorities
    66 ACECO Installation of Termination for 4CX240 SQMM/4CX185 SQMM. Cable 2013
    67 ASCON Construction Engineering Works ‐ Primary Injection in MV Panel( 2 I/C’S) for Meter Clearance and Verification in presence of ADDC Witness 2013
    68 Private Department Repairing & Rectification Procedure for Breaker Struck up at Work Station CPHPRY ‐ D73 ( ADDC I/C) 2013
    69 Voltas Sub‐Contract‐ Manpower for HV Engineer 2013
    70 International Electro‐Mech Installation of Elbow type termination 3CX120 SQ.MM‐12 Nos. ; 3CX300 SQ.MM ‐04Nos.;

    • Supply & Installation of Gland‐16 Nos.
    71 Extreme Power Supply of ADDC Approved HSE Testing Engineer for 11kV Cable Testing 2013
    72 Applied Electrical Contracting LLC Supply and Installation of 3C*95 mm2 Cable Heat Shrinkable Termination (Transformer side) with insulation Test/ installation of 3C*95 mm2 Cable Heat Shrinkable Termination (TRM side) with insulation Test/ DC Testing 2012
    73 Gulf Contractors Termination of 300 sq mm 11kV Cable to the TRM/ Commissioning of TRM on day basis/ Cable Joint for 300 sq mm 11kV Cable/VLF Testing of 11kV Cable/ Termination of 300sq mm 11kV Cable Package unit 2012
    74 ESD ‐ Engineering Services and Development East Supply and Installation of 11kV 3CX300 sq.mm and 3CX240 sq.mm Cable Termination‐2 No’s/Supply and Installation of 11kV 3CX300 sq.mm Cable termination‐4 No’s/Supply and Installation of 11kV 3CX300 sq.mm and 3CX240 sq.mm Cable joints‐2 No’s/Testing of QRM‐1 No’s/Testing of 11kV Transformer‐2 No’s/Testing of 11kV Cable‐ 2 No’s 2012
    75 PIVOT Al Masery Project, Sector W‐35,Plot C‐99 Abu Dhabi 2012
    76 SAIFCO Supply and Install HV, Transformer Gland as per ADDC approved 12 No’s/ as per ADDC requirement laing and termination of LV Cable for Transformer 600 No’s 2012
    77 Al Habtoor Leighton Group Supply of Termination kit & Installation of 3CX300 sq.mm 11kV armoured Cable at Arzana Medical Complex 2012
    78 Hi‐Class Gen.Cont.Co.LLC Supply and Installation of Cable Joint kit 3CX300mm2 11kV ‐ 19 No’s 2012
    79 Time Electro & Contracting 3CX300 SQ MM 11KV CABLE MEGGER 2012
    80 Thermo ADDC Liaison Work‐Inspection arrangement 2012
    81 Dirgham Trading Est Supply, Installation and Termination of LV Cable and ADDC Liaison work 2012
    82 Habtoor Lightning Group LV Cable Termination 2012
    83 Orient House for Development & Construction Co. L.L.C Cable Recovery & Termination 2012
    84 Orient House for Development & Construction Co. L.L.C Cable Recovery & Termination 2012
    85 Catalyst Removal and Re‐installation of feeder pillar removal and re‐installation 4CX240 sq.mm termination 2 No’s/ removal and re‐installation 4CX1855 sq.mm termination 2 No’s/ removal and re‐installation 4CX50sq.mm termination 1 No/ Recover and relaing of LV Cables/ Civil work Excavation and Back filing/ Supply and Installation of LV 4CX240sq,mm Cable Joints/ ADDC Liaison work 2012
    86 Catalyst Shifting of Street Light Pole/ Dismantling of Street Light Pole and returning to ADDC store/ Street Light Cable laying without civil work/ Street Light cable termination/ ADDC Liaison work 2012
    87 Voltas Subcontract‐Manpower Supply foR HV Engineer 2012
    88 Al Nasr Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 17 No’s Substation at Taweelah Complete including Earthing, installation and testing 2012
    89 Update Group Supply & Testing of QRM & Transformer 1500kVA Oil Type Transformer 2012